The Pop Up Patch

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One of the downsides to apartment living in Melbourne is the lack of garden space. In many instances you are lucky to even have a balcony.

The Pop Up Patch (PUP) provides a solution to this problem in the CBD. Located in Federation Square, an unused car park has been transformed into an edible gardening club. The space boasts over 140 veggie crates that can be hired to produce your own edible garden.



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PUP is more than just a space to stretch your green thumb, though. The club is also a place to socialise and attend member’s events, and attend classes if you have the inclination. Lots of local restaurants and businesses also use the space to grow their own ingredients.




Membership costs $108 per month, and a fully prepared Little Veggie Patch Co crate is included, along with a selection of tools, seasonal seeds and seedlings when required.

Interested? Find out more at the website.


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