The Peninsula Hot Springs

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Need a relaxing weekend? The Peninsula Hot Springs might just do it for you, although it’s probably more relaxing to visit on a weekday (less people).

The Peninsula Hot Springs has a variety of pools, experiences and baths to experience. The temperatures range from 36 to 43 degrees celsius. There are two bathing experiences available – the Bath House and the Spa Dreaming Centre.

I experienced the Bath House. This alone is worth a day trip, although as mentioned above it might be better to go on a weekday. The Bath House offers a variety of pools and experiences as you work your way up a gradual hill. Each pool has a different temperature, and the trip to the top of the hill is an amazing experience. If you have heard tell of this pool at the top with the amazing views and 41 degree temperature, it was not exaggerated. The view alone is worth the money!

I have not experienced the Spa Dreaming Centre, but this centre offers a more exclusive and tranquil setting. You get a lot more in the package with less people around you.

The Peninsula Hot Springs also offers a variety of health and wellness classes, along with a mix of body treatments and massages.

You can plan your own me-time at the Peninsula Hot Springs website.


Images from the Peninsula Springs website

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