The Steer Bar and Grill

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I find specialist restaurants interesting to visit. The Steer Bar and Grill specialises in good old-fashioned steak – and they take steak to the next level!

The staff are incredibly helpful though (and although it might sound stupid to be confused by a steak menu), there is a lot to consider. There is a huge variety of options, including grain/grass fed, the number of days the animal was grain/grass fed, different cuts and weights to consider. This is a pricey restaurant, and a single hunk of beef can head toward triple figures (usually meant to be shared though).

Everything I tasted was delicious and cooked to perfection. If you love a good steak, it’s the place for you (I probably wouldn’t recommend it to vegetarians though).


The Steer Bar and Grill is located at:

637 Chapel St
South Yarra
VIC 3141

Head to the website to find out more and read the menu.

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